Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harry Potter 7 Update

No, I haven't finished the book and this post isn't going to be full of spoilers. In fact, we're still barely at the beginning. Our tradition has been to read the Harry Potter books aloud together as a family, and finding times when we're all ready and able to read together has been a little tricky. So, alas, I am still unaware of how things work out for Harry--whether he lives or dies (though I suspect he lives), whether Snape is good or evil, who dies, whether Ron and Hermione end up together, and all that other stuff.

So, if you start spilling information about book 7, I'm going to stand here with my fingers in my ears and HUM LOUDLY so I won't find out anything too early. Unfortunately, I know this strategy won't work forever. It won't be too long at all before the world is freely discussing everything that happens.

You'll have to excuse me now...I've got some reading to do.


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Loved the book. I think, after my nephews and nieces go home,I'm going to sit down and read them all, beginning to end. Of course, I'll have to pace myself or I will get nothing else done.

By the way, Katie, you've been tagged at -- go check it out!

Katie Parker said...

I'll have to check it out. Thanks, Candace!

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