Saturday, August 23, 2008

Win a Free Copy of Room for Two by Abel Keogh!

I saw this contest on Anne Bradshaw's blog, and I thought I'd pass it along. She's giving away a free signed copy of Abel Keogh's book Room for Two. All you have to do is:

  • Post information about the contest on your own blog, and include a link back to Anne's blog. (Which might explain why I'm posting this...)
  • Leave a comment on Anne's blog telling her you completed the first task.
A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, September 4th 2008, and
announced the same day. The book will be signed and mailed directly to
the winner by the author.

Anne conducted an interview with the author Abel Keogh, available here on her blog. Here's the description of the book:

Room for Two is the true story of the year of Abel Keogh’s life following his wife’s suicide. The book begins as he steps through the door of his home and hears a gunshot echo from the bedroom. His worst fears are realized when he finds his pregnant wife dead. Their premature baby is rushed to the hospital. She dies nine days later.

Whether or not a reader is going through tough times in life, he or she will find inspiration in Room for Two. The story is gripping, compelling and heart breaking reading. Despite opposition, Keogh manages to rebuild his life and share lessons he learns from the death of Krista and baby Hope. He eventually finds forgiveness, peace, and love—enough to make room for two, allowing another woman (Julianna) into his life.

Intrigued? Me too! Good luck in the contest, but remember you're gonna have to fight me for the prize.

I Am Cinderella

Well, not really. But I was reading Candace Salima's blog and saw the link to this quiz , and since it was 1 in the morning and I had nothing better to do (well, besides sleep, but who needs that?) I had to take the quiz and see which Disney princess I was. Having watched our nieces go through the Disney princess stage where EVERYTHING they owned or did or wore or said had to have something to do with princesses, I thought it would be fun to see which princess I am. Ta-da! Here's what my results said about me:

Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

I'm quite tickled to find out that I'm patient. That was something I didn't know. I'm pretty sure that no one else who knows me knew I was patient, either. I always thought I was just a royal procrastinator, but...patient! I like that one.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Pitfall of Taking Videos of Your Kids

Well, I've been humbled. Or rather, humiliated.

So, we've been watching some of the old videos we took of our teenager when he was much smaller. Today we watched one I'd shot in the bathroom of our apartment when this kid (today I'll call him "Albert") was about a year old. See, I'd had some sinus problems and had spent several days running to the bathroom for toilet paper and then blowing my nose rather loudly. And little Albert had figured out that you were supposed to unroll the toilet paper, hold it up to your face, and blow raspberries. It was really cute, so of course I wanted to capture it on film for posterity. So I put him in the bathroom by the toilet and turned on the camera. I figured he'd eventually find the toilet paper roll and do his little trick.

This much I remembered, even today (years later). The rest I'd forgotten.

On the videotape, little Albert did find the toilet paper and blow his adorable little raspberry. And then he found the toilet.

Little Albert opened the lid and inspected the potty for a moment. Then he reached his hand toward the bowl. Before he could complete the deed, I told him "No-no" behind the camera in that stern mommy voice you use for your little kids.

And continued to film him.

Startled, he stopped and looked at me for a moment. Then he turned back to the toilet and proceeded to play in the water.

And what did I do, as the mother of this precious little baby splashing in the toilet? I laughed and kept filming.

"Someday I'm going to show this to your girlfriend when you bring her home in a few years," I told him from behind the camera. "And I'm going to show it to all your kids."

Meanwhile, in the present, the much-older (much, much older) me winced and cringed and sprouted several more gray hairs. I could not believe that this lady taking this video (who was she, anyway?) was letting her baby play in the toilet--and was filming it! And laughing!

"All your kids are going to say, 'Ewwww, Daddy played in the toilet when he was little!'" the lady taking the video crowed.

"GET YOUR BABY'S HANDS OUT OF THE TOILET!!" I screamed to the videotape.

"I hoped you washed my hands," the teenage Albert said levelly, looking me straight in the eye (which he can do now, since he's taller than I am). Did I mention how many, many years ago this videotape was made? And how very much older and wiser I am now?

Thankfully, the toilet scene ended. But the next scene was worse: the idiot lady taking the video had decided to repeat the scene from a different angle, presumably for the sake of artistry. We now had an overhead view of the toilet, and we got a stunning look at the little ripples Baby Albert was delightedly making in the bowl.

"Why were you standing in the bathtub, Mom?" Teenage Albert asked me. "Do you think you'd washed my hands yet?"

"Do you think it mattered?" I asked through gritted teeth.

Much as I'd apparently planned to use this video for blackmail in the future, I vowed right then and there that Albert's children will never, ever, ever see this video. They may think it's funny to watch Daddy play in the toilet, but that's not the point. Albert's future girlfriend and wife might think it's funny, too, but that's not the point either.

The point is that these people will find out that Grandma actually let her baby play in the toilet. And that is not something they need to know.

I do believe we'll be editing these videos. Censorship is alive and well today--at least at my house.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Overheard in Primary

From the mouths of babes...

Last week we were talking about baptism. The gal running sharing time asked the junior Primary, "Just because you get baptized, does that mean you get to live with Heavenly Father? What else do you have to do?"

And one little voice responded, quite seriously, "Die."

(Sorry...ever since I was called to be Primary music leader, I've had Primary on the brain!)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Crashed Computer

Last week my computer crashed. I didn't have it all week. So I didn't post anything here. I used my newfound time to do things like, oh, clean out the file cabinet and weed the yard. Stuff like that. Useful things.

I hate to say I need my computer to crash more often, but...well, I won't say it. I just won't say it.

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