Friday, March 05, 2010

Good and Bad

There are a few things running around my brain (yeah, that's a first, isn't it?) that I think I can sum up by describing the good as well as the bad about them.

1. Our temperatures have been inching into the 40's. That is, they're on their way up from temperatures in the 20's and lower.

The good: It's warm! Spring must be coming! The snow is melting off! The roads are clearing off! It is so amazing to see the streets in our neighborhood again, after having them covered with ice and snow all winter.

The bad: The low temperatures still get below freezing, so places where the water pools from the melt-off get really icy. And of course those are the places the dog wants to go when I walk him.

Bottom line: But I can't complain much. Except for those areas (admittedly, they're all in the best walking spots) the roads are clear and dry and beautiful.

2. We're learning the song "Follow the Prophet" in Primary.

The good: It's a fun song with a great message, and the kids love it. And to shake things up, I taught them to stand up every time we sing the words "Follow the Prophet." That gets their wiggles out.

The bad: I've discovered that I am not as good at sitting down and popping back up when we sing "Follow the Prophet" as I used to be. Actually, last time I tried to pull myself out of my seat in time with the music, I'm sure the chair pulled back. Where did those Primary kids get all their energy?

Bottom line: Common sense says that the Primary chorister (me) can't jump up and down all through the song anyway. Someone has to hold still and lead the music. That's what I'll tell everyone, anyway.

3. Subbed as the early morning seminary teacher today and brought bread, fresh and warm from the breadmaker, for a treat.

The good: The bread was a hit.

The bad: Bread makes crumbs. Crumbs have to be vacuumed. Also, the tables have to be cleaned up and broken down on Fridays after class.

Bottom line: I should have thought of all this before I dismissed the kids and let them all run off.

More good: My teenage son did not run off. I was his ride home. He helped clean up and vacuum. Also one of the dads came back and helped with the tables.

More bad: Teenage son expects to be handsomely rewarded now. I think he is already handsome, so I'm not worried.

4. Still reading books for Whitney Award academy voting.

The good: Having a marvelous time! And I've picked up a few books that I wouldn't have otherwise, which has made the adventures that much better. I've been reading and experiencing and feeling some new things and getting out the same old rut I always seem to be in. And I have to say, so far I'm really impressed with the quality of these books. I think LDS fiction as a whole has come a long way.

The bad: Getting in a new rut? Reading too many books?

Bottom line: Always trying to keep a balance, and always thinking I should be able to do more than I really can. But sure loving the reading. :-)


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