Friday, December 28, 2007

Contest at "TheInkLadies"!

All right, all you out there who like winning things: An LDS authors' blog that I contribute to, "The Ink Ladies," is running a contest. You can win a free book from one of the authors! (Like mine...and seriously, who could win a better prize than that??) Just match each author correctly with the weirdest gift they've ever received, and you win! It's not hard, it's lots of fun, and right now you have a very good chance of winning because there aren't too many other entries. Just go to and start matching away!


Ajoy said...

I will give it a shot... especially if the stakes are for a book of YOURS! :)

Have a Happy and Fun 2008, Katy

Ajoy said...

Ooop...I meant to write KATIE.

Forgive me! :S grrrrrr

Katie Parker said...

Hee hee hee...Don't feel bad, Ajoy; I remember several times as a kid when my own grandparents couldn't/wouldn't spell my name right. In kindergarten I got creative and alternated spelling my name "Katie" and "Katy" but I think someone had a talk with me over that one. 'S OK, I knew who you meant!

And yes, my book is on the list. :-)

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