Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October BIAM

That's "Book in a Month" for the non-writer-types out there. Traditionally, participating in a BIAM means that yeah, you really pretty much drop everything in your "real life" that you can and churn out the book in your soul in 30 days. For a lot of people who don't want to drop out of real life, it just means that you set a goal for your writing and try to achieve it during the month. Tristi Pinkston is hosting a BIAM on one of her blogs at this month. I've participated in a challenge or two of hers before, and I think it can be pretty fun, as well as motivational, to be virtually surrounded by a group of people committed to achieving great things with their writing this month. Those participating set goals at the beginning of the month, and submit their goals to the group. Tristi posts motivational messages on her blog to spur us on, and everyone participating checks in with a comment every couple of days and reports on how they're doing with those goals they set.

I'm sure Tristi would welcome you with open arms if you want to participate. And this concept might extend to other areas where we could set goals. Maybe you could host something of your own. How about LCIAM (Learn Chinese in a Month)? COACIAM (Clean Out a Closet in a Month)? POOCCIAM (Pay Off Our Credit Cards in a Month)? GROAOJAHAGSIAM (Get Rid Of All Our Junk and Have a Garage Sale in a Month)?

Maybe BIAM is easier to spell...but some of these ideas might not be too bad. How about we invite all of Congress to participate in NNTIAM (No New Taxes in a Month)?


Marsha Ward said...

Ooo, I like that concept of taking an entire month to clean out a closet. Given that time frame, I might get something like that accomplished!

Katie Parker said...

Hey, why not? I think sometimes we let ourselves get overwhelmed by how much we have to do and how much time we think we should take to do them. Then we don't do anything. If we'd just cut ourselves some slack, and take that extra time if we need to, we might actually get at least some things done.

That's the theory, anyway! Let me know if it works...;-)

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