Monday, January 26, 2009

A Word to the Wise

Do not keep houseplants on your television set.

Especially if you're going to water them.

Especially if you're going to water them too much.


HOWARD'S said...

OH NO! How bad is it?

Katie Parker said...

Well, I've always been pretty good at killing houseplants. I'm just expanding my set of skills now--killing TV's with houseplants.

HOWARD'S said...

I guess that just means you get a new TV, right? See, there are advantages to having brown thumb. Maybe I should put my houseplants in my TV.

Katie Parker said...

Yeah, if you put your houseplants *in* your TV and keep watering them, you should need a new TV one of these days.

(Sorry, Marilyn, couldn't resist...;-)

Anna Maria Junus said...

Beautiful post. It's like a quick joke. Straight to the punchline.

Katie Parker said...

Hey, thanks, Anna! And thanks for stopping by!

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