Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Am I Old Yet?

All right, all right. Even as we speak, my child is laughing at me for referring to a portable stereo as a "ghetto blaster." He thinks that's the funniest thing he's ever heard. Compound that with the fact that he sees no reason to carry one of those things around with him, in this day of the iPod. Why would you need to haul around something so huge with external speakers that force everyone else to listen to your music?

He thinks Pac Man is lame, too.

And if you think so,'re probably younger than I am.


Kelly Childs said...

Pac Man is cool. And I had a Ghetto Blaster with de-tachable speakers :)

Katie Parker said...

Ooooooh, detachable speakers. You must have been special. :-)

I had a Walkman clone with an external speaker. It sounded lousy, and I didn't actually ever listen to it without the headphones. But it was the idea that counted--the fact that I *could* listen to it without headphones, not the fact that I *did*.

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