Friday, November 02, 2007

Changing Truth

Well, one of the things I did this week was write a blog for on "Things As They Really Are." At least, that's the published title of it. Since it's about truth, my working title was, well, "Truth."

So I hammered it out for a bit on my word processor, and then tried to close the window. Immediately a pop-up came up that said:

Save changes to Truth?

And that struck me as funny, since of all the things you can try to change in the world, you can't change the truth. That's the whole nature of it (and what my blog was about). We can try to change things we don't like, but once you start trying to change the truth, it stops being the truth.

But somehow I beat the system. Somehow, despite the true nature of it all, this week I accomplished the impossible. I successfully made (and saved) changes to Truth.


Queen of Chaos said...
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Ajoy said...

Great post! I will go check out your article. :)

Have a nice day.

Katie Parker said...

Thanks!! I hope you enjoyed it.

HOWARD'S said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That really makes me think. What a great point! I'll have to make sure Alen reads this one.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

I loved it! I'm going to LDSpublisher right now.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Oops! That's LDSBlogs.

Katie Parker said...

Yay! Thanks for stopping in!

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